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Par Baked Pizza Shells


6 inch                                        20-ct
6 inch deep dish                    15-ct
8 inch                                        20-ct
10 inch                                      20-ct
12 inch                                      20-ct
16 inch                                      20-ct
18 inch                                      20-ct
10 inch Neapolitan                  20-ct
12 inch Neapolitan                  20-ct
12 x 5 Flatbread shell             20-ct/40-ct

Flavors available: White, Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain, Spinach and Garlic, Sun-dried Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper, Jalapeno Corn, Wild Herb, and Kalamata Olive. If you have a flavor or size request we can make it!!

Raw Pizza Dough (White or Flavored)

Raw dough is available by weight. Sizing can be customized to fit your requirements. Very popular, as well, for use in making stuffed breads, stromboli, or calzones.

Large (19 oz.) 24-ct
Medium (11 oz.) 48-ct


Flatbreads and Focaccia Bread

14x14 standard square 5-ct (5 boxes-1/ct)

Very popular for panini sandwiches, yielding an average 9 portions per loaf. Brushed with olive oil and Basil Pesto for flavor.

Organic Pizza Dough, Shells and Flatbread

Most of our products can be offered in “Organic” form as well. Our primary flavors are organic white, organic whole wheat, and organic spinach and garlic. Please contact your distributor or call us for current pricing.



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Address: 3 Simm Lane, Newtown, CT 06470